l o v e ko ko ro!

@defect's art blog | i am! trying my best lol | he/him


this was a character design challenge! generate three random emojis and make a character based on them! he doesnt have a name or anything yet but i like him

ive been playing cyber sleuth! digimon have such fun designs

another oc profile ! akihikos another oc ive had for a really long time kfjdslkfj hes my favourite

started doing profiles for my ocs!!! meet verde! she's the oc i've had for the longest!

chansey crashed my laptop but it's ok bc she's cute

you could say he's...........beary good.

ah yes. me. my boyfriend. and his giant manjuu shaped like my face.

melancholia -

If you're an active blog as of may/June 2020 plz reblog!

another redraw challenge! this time of momoko from wedding peach!

did the hatsune miku redraw thing that was going around! this was fun i love drawing miku

ive been thinking about eboy loki for weeks. i hate this man.

starting to actually draw some of my ocs so i dont have to use picrew pics whenever i make memes lol

here's hime!!!

ramen club! ramen club! ramen club!


when ur coworker friend is trying to tell you about her favourite anime and her plans for the party you're planning but you can't stop thinking about how much you wish kasumi would join ramen club

when u wake up after the apocalypse and realize some of the ppl ur working with to restore humanity are ur old twitter mutuals